Building something inside you

Building anything takes time, patience and hard work. Constructing into you is no different. One of the beautiful things about BDSM is that it allows for Me to manifest what I want and your deepest need to serve occurs as you come through.

you, the submissive man hiding in plain clothes, plain skin, perhaps even an alpha façade—yes you. I want to rebuild you for Me.

Building you takes intent

Intent is a measured concept. I measure how much of Me I drip into you like a saline drip. Necessity starts that way. you see I am a Creator, an Artist, a Designer, a Writer—I am here to design you, make art out of you, write in you, in essence, creating a version of you that pleases and serves Me.

I deconstruct why you’ve served.

you’ve served, adored, and worshipped before, for you . However, this isn’t about you. Submission brings pleasure because of how it reroutes your urges into something higher, more intimate than yourself and a compulsory urge. Physical needs are human yet the need to serve as you know you were meant to drives your existence. Selfless submission is metaphysical, emotional—survival when W/we look at your existence. serving for the self isn’t serving, it’s self-deception. I can call a dot a period but if it isn’t at the end of a sentence will you read it as a period or will you simply perceive a dot? Context is everything. 

Are you ready? Building commencing in 3, 2, 1.

See you are here, imagine if you will, that I was there—silently in your mind, whispering the words that jump right off this page to your eyes, into the depths of the organ between your ears.

Le Me haunt you a bit  

I shot the above pic of My armpits, art, and love at first sight.

Serve Me




Manifesting power

I am manifesting My power into the universe. I manifest My power into your mind, your essence, your being.

Manifesting power

2017 has been a crazy year. I have become aware that a major shift is occurring in Me. People who didn’t deserve My time/effort/leash were cut loose in 2017. My logic of Dominance has evolved. An abundance of growth doesn’t necessarily begin with quantity—it grows as quality. My horizons change as I am able to expand My sphere of influence from in person to online. For many of you who have served Me, you may have noticed that a few clips are on sale as of two weeks ago. More are coming up this week as W/we begin the New Year—lucky you. It’s only the beginning of a wonderful plan to expand My power.

They’re just clips, right?

Are prayers simply prayers? Are they manifestations of something much larger than you? Correct boys, My words fill you. Imagine Me saying these words as whispers to your ears. you will find that these words not only incite—they fucking rage like a fire as you feel how sweetly they burn.

Power is a metric of influence, Mine you’re not free from.

Manifesting what I want from you is the only express directive your submissive subconscious listens to. What do I manifest into you? Complete submission. Complete surrender. your mind well versed in a powerful dynamic where you simply evolve to be what I need you to be.

This is more than shapeshifting, it’s complete rebuilding.

It isn’t only about toilets, finslaves, hypnoslaves, painsluts, etc—every man in My life can only hope to grovel beneath Me.

Welcome to your reality.

A little audio for you

Serve Me

Custom clips

Hello, custom clips!

Remember the form I had you fill out a few months ago? Good news! The form played a key part in opening my eyes up to how many of you wish I made clips. Lucky you I have begun to film some. I am accepting custom orders also. I uploaded a few clip titles already. They gear towards Psychologic Domination and Female Supremacy. I will be devoting more time to making clips as I love the way this will help expand My empire. What can I say? Control is a beautiful thing. Now I’ll be able to stay at the forefront of your mind. I love how I will learn about what makes you dive into subspace (even if you cannot serve in person).

Clips and submission

For a long time, I didn’t feel inclined to make clips. I used to see emails asking for clips. Lucky you here’s your chance. There are a few rules to keep in mind when ordering a custom:
  • no nudity
  • I can choose to decline a request if it violates My logic of FemDom.
  • A custom’s purpose is further to enslave you not to serve you.
I would love to take the chance to congratulate you on just how fucked you are. Let Me rephrase that—enslaved you are. I don’t need to remind you that you are here searching and obsessing. you know that way better than I do, submit your requests.
What more can you ask for? FemDom, hypnotic language, a voice that captivates, a Goddess who enslaves. The urge hits hard as you realize you long to hear and see Me—serve Me.

Ps. My schedule will be changing in the next few days. Keep your eyes on My blog for notifications of when My calendar is updated. Did I ever mention I love driving you crazy?

Share a secret with Me

Share a secret with Me

Why? Because secrets are fun

I truly love secrets. One of the beautiful things about BDSM is that I have more knowledge of who you are as a person than you might imagine. In fact, one of the additional things that are added to My role as Domina and Goddess is My role as a professional secret keeper. I have something most of you lack, yet seek—I have access to people’s truths, who they are and who they aren’t. There is so much power in knowing you. It’ even more enchanting when you realize secrets are safe with Me. Inhibition is not My psychologic cup of tea. you are here, somewhere inside your mind, you wish that it wasn’t yours either.

I want a secret from you. I give you an open invitation to share a tiny secret with Me.

Communication is a beautiful thing, sharing a bit of intimacy by having you share a secret in the process is priceless. If you want to share it on your knees, apply to do so here by setting up a session.

you can either leave it in the comments or share via Twitter @GiaPeccato.


*Respect is expected at all times, no dickpics—I don’t need to be reminded as to why you’re inferior, W/we both already know it. The best secret will receive a response from Me. 


Ps. Lucky, you, have begun selling clips on Iwantclips and GetIndieBill. I am also now accepting skype shows.

Content is going up slowly as I am about to start exams.



A little trance goes a long way, hypnosis and reprogramming.

The reprogramming of the mind present itself in a variety of ways in our society. Movies, books, etc, all create ideas of what is and isn’t reprogramming. In My time as a Domina I see that reprogramming is one of the best tools to create a solid foundation in BDSM. Keep reading.

Reprogramming as a foundation? Yes.

In the past years a shift has been taking place in Femdom, one, where men serve themselves through a Femdom. This disservice erodes a submissive’s perception of what serving is. At the same time, it erodes the expectation of actual service in the Dominant’s eyes. One thing has become clear to Me: your reprogramming is essential to good service. Make no mistake- serving is a selfless (and enjoyed) endeavorat least when it comes to Me. 
Reprogramming serves as the perfect tool to continue growing as a man in service to a Femdom (in this case, Me.) Inside the depths of your mind, there is a deep seated evolutionary instinct: to protect and provide. Submission is the most pristine version of said instinct. Triggered? I love how you read My words and realize the truth within them. As a man, your instinct is to provide, protect—to serve. Recontextualizing something you’ve always known is beautiful. I love reprogramming you to serve, it isn’t far from your original design as a man.
Trigger installed
Reprogramming happens with every word. Welcome to conversational disarmament.
Think of a person you’ve love(d,) what did you do when you love(d) them? you provided, you protected, you served
Schedule a conversation with Me. your submission is calling