Building anything takes time, patience and hard work. Constructing into you is no different. One of the beautiful things about BDSM is that it allows for Me to manifest what I want and your deepest need to serve occurs as you come through.

you, the submissive man hiding in plain clothes, plain skin, perhaps even an alpha façade—yes you. I want to rebuild you for Me.

Building you takes intent

Intent is a measured concept. I measure how much of Me I drip into you like a saline drip. Necessity starts that way. you see I am a Creator, an Artist, a Designer, a Writer—I am here to design you, make art out of you, write in you, in essence, creating a version of you that pleases and serves Me.

I deconstruct why you’ve served.

you’ve served, adored, and worshipped before, for you . However, this isn’t about you. Submission brings pleasure because of how it reroutes your urges into something higher, more intimate than yourself and a compulsory urge. Physical needs are human yet the need to serve as you know you were meant to drives your existence. Selfless submission is metaphysical, emotional—survival when W/we look at your existence. serving for the self isn’t serving, it’s self-deception. I can call a dot a period but if it isn’t at the end of a sentence will you read it as a period or will you simply perceive a dot? Context is everything. 

Are you ready? Building commencing in 3, 2, 1.

See you are here, imagine if you will, that I was there—silently in your mind, whispering the words that jump right off this page to your eyes, into the depths of the organ between your ears.

Le Me haunt you a bit  

I shot the above pic of My armpits, art, and love at first sight.

Serve Me