Trance, the ability to fly and never leave the room. To have you submerged in the paradigm of your mind is delicious. An universe inside that you’ve never explored. I love how I take what’s deepest in you and mold it. Slowly My words become your focus. your breath an anchor, My mind your guide & My lead, your leash. Imagine being right besides My feet and seeing My smile. your submission is triggered by reading these words. submission needs Dominance. To pretend that fire does not need oxygen to burn is to hide the sun with a finger.

Trance as a form of authenticity

Authenticity—being real with both ourselves and others is not easily achieved in BDSM. One of the reasons My words disarm you, is because of their authenticity. Trance allows the submissive mind a very similar medium. When you are submerged in O/our subconscious conversation, you are free from inhibitions that rise as pressure to hide your submission. Freedom means to feel as you are without the inhibitions of societal norms. Freedom, imagine the wonderful feeling of truly submitting because it is your place to. Imagine feeling the deep level of subspace that comes from serving a Woman who’s aware of Her power.

Trance as a form of giving yourself

One of the things I say time and time again is that hypnosis is one of my absolute loves when it comes to BDSM. It’s more than a fetish, I live and breathe it. Carving your submission to My liking, whether it be how you perceive the moment, how I am able to control your sensations, even the way W/we converse at a deeper level; trance is a form of you opening a different pathway to submission—a pathway I want to walk down with your mind beneath Me.

Thank Me