I love looking at you while you lay on My floor in complete submission. your eyes pierced by the fact that My petit frame is more powerful than you could ever imagine. My petite stature and My feminine form allude an air of delicate grandeur. Once beneath Me you notice one thing: My body could never fully portray the grandeur of the Goddess that inhabits it. My mind hunts, you. My mind gains you. your powerlessness is freedom and that freedom tastes and breathes your slavery.

Do not misunderstand the power of a Woman who slowly understands just how powerful She is, I Am—a hunter ready with mental bow and arrow.

you can run, you can hide, every snare already set before you, all while you’re looking

walk right in.

Hypnosis doesn’t only occur while in trance, words are powerful—so powerful they dictate O/our histories, Mine dictate yours—you prostrated beneath Me as My arrows made of images/action/words enter you.

Hypnotic lyricism. Trigger warning, your submission is triggered.

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