I am manifesting My power into the universe. I manifest My power into your mind, your essence, your being.

Manifesting power

2017 has been a crazy year. I have become aware that a major shift is occurring in Me. People who didn’t deserve My time/effort/leash were cut loose in 2017. My logic of Dominance has evolved. An abundance of growth doesn’t necessarily begin with quantity—it grows as quality. My horizons change as I am able to expand My sphere of influence from in person to online. For many of you who have served Me, you may have noticed that a few clips are on sale as of two weeks ago. More are coming up this week as W/we begin the New Year—lucky you. It’s only the beginning of a wonderful plan to expand My power.

They’re just clips, right?

Are prayers simply prayers? Are they manifestations of something much larger than you? Correct boys, My words fill you. Imagine Me saying these words as whispers to your ears. you will find that these words not only incite—they fucking rage like a fire as you feel how sweetly they burn.

Power is a metric of influence, Mine you’re not free from.

Manifesting what I want from you is the only express directive your submissive subconscious listens to. What do I manifest into you? Complete submission. Complete surrender. your mind well versed in a powerful dynamic where you simply evolve to be what I need you to be.

This is more than shapeshifting, it’s complete rebuilding.

It isn’t only about toilets, finslaves, hypnoslaves, painsluts, etc—every man in My life can only hope to grovel beneath Me.

Welcome to your reality.

A little audio for you

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