The reprogramming of the mind present itself in a variety of ways in our society. Movies, books, etc, all create ideas of what is and isn’t reprogramming. In My time as a Domina I see that reprogramming is one of the best tools to create a solid foundation in BDSM. Keep reading.

Reprogramming as a foundation? Yes.

In the past years a shift has been taking place in Femdom, one, where men serve themselves through a Femdom. This disservice erodes a submissive’s perception of what serving is. At the same time, it erodes the expectation of actual service in the Dominant’s eyes. One thing has become clear to Me: your reprogramming is essential to good service. Make no mistake- serving is a selfless (and enjoyed) endeavorat least when it comes to Me. 
Reprogramming serves as the perfect tool to continue growing as a man in service to a Femdom (in this case, Me.) Inside the depths of your mind, there is a deep seated evolutionary instinct: to protect and provide. Submission is the most pristine version of said instinct. Triggered? I love how you read My words and realize the truth within them. As a man, your instinct is to provide, protect—to serve. Recontextualizing something you’ve always known is beautiful. I love reprogramming you to serve, it isn’t far from your original design as a man.
Trigger installed
Reprogramming happens with every word. Welcome to conversational disarmament.
Think of a person you’ve love(d,) what did you do when you love(d) them? you provided, you protected, you served
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