I was initially hesitant about approaching Goddess Gia for a session for a few reasons–and since other subs may feel the same way–I wanted to share a few details of our session. I am not a pain slut, nor am I looking for ftt–and I thought from what I read that these were here specialties. I also thought that her age might mean she was inexperienced in some ways as a prodomme. I first approached goddess gia on fetlife–politely introduced myself and described my experience and what I was looking for. As others have mentioned–I was immediately impressed by her intelligence and understanding of my past experiences and what my personal goals were as a sub and the type of domme that might share similar interest. We arranged a 2 hour session to see how our chemistry might be and explore our common interest. goddess gia sessions in more of an apt setting than a dungeon in manhattan. Her pictures do not do her justice. Not only is she more beautiful in person, but she has an energy and intensity that I felt right away. and regardless of what we did during the next 2 hours–she was in total control. We spent much of the time talking. — goddess gia is constantly probing–asking what are you thinking-feeling, asking about past experiences. she brings an intensity to a session that I have only experienced after multiple sessions. goddess Gia permitted me to worship her feet–which are so beautiful–and also had me worship her hands–which was a new experience for me and very sensual. there was some pain thru-out the session–nt, hairpulling, face slapping–but done as punishment and control when i spoke or acted out of line. I really felt that we established a connection and trust–by having a “light” first session–but I know that moving forward, goddess gia will push my limits and help me grow as a sub and a person. As we said our goodbyes–goddess said “I can’t wait to hurt you” and I just smiled and realized that I could not wait to be hurt by Goddess Gia.


slave ls

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. I was on my way to something I’ve been waiting on a long time. Seeing Goddesses ad made me very nervous. “Am I ready? can I do it? will I please her? will I make a mistake on our first meet” all these questions have gone away when I walked through her door and looked deep into her breath taking eyes. She demanded me to get on my knees and kiss her feet, as I gladly did. She then made me undress in front of her, as I did full of humility as she laughed at me. She then ordered me on my knees and told me to tell her about myself, and I thought to myself “here I am in front of Goddess Gia, that I had been so worried to meet. here I am fully undressed on my knees in front of her taking her orders.” and I told her everything that came into my mind, and I never felt so humiliated and useless kneeling there before such a Beautiful Goddess and being laughed at. she then ordered me to walk to her mirror and look straight while on my knees. As I did I thought “this is really where I belong, this feels so right” then goddess comes behind me and in my ear whispers how useless I am and how she will tear me apart. Then I am ordered to lay on my back with my hands and feet in the air, I had no idea what was coming next. She shuffled through her cabinet and the suspense was amazing, making me want everything more that has to come. Then Goddess carefully and skillfully ties me with ropes. I realize I am in such a vulnerable position for Goddess to do anything she wants to me, which she does. My whole body was trembling of the most uncomfortable position but knowing that I am at the feet of a Goddess it was the best feeling i’ve felt so far, knowing i’m there for her and i’m useless because she definitely makes it feel that way. The session goes on and my favorite part is when i’m tied up shivering of the position i’m in with no mobility Goddess lights a cigarette and burn me in all the places where I had a little comfort. While she was burning me I was in a state of ecstasy, having the honor of Goddess blow her smoke in my face, and ash in my mouth. Then it quickly escalated to my nipples be clamped hard, and my balls being flogged all while still tied. Every once in a while Goddess would come to my face and slap me with her feet or hands and spit on me to really top of the degradation and to remind me she has total control of me. The climax of the session was when Goddess asked me if I was ready to be locked in chastity ( my biggest weakness ) I was very nervous being my first time in chastity and Goddess didn’t force it on me and I felt more then comfortable with being locked to Goddess. while I was locked Goddess then released me from the ropes and ordered me to clean her floors as I did gladly. I thought to myself once again while cleaning  ” this feels so right, this is what I’ve been truly fantasizing” as I was cleaning Goddess couldn’t help but laugh at me and reminded me how pathetic I was. Before I knew it the session was over.Goddess Gia Peccato was really a welcoming domme and truly a domineering domme, I enjoyed every bit of the way. I personally suggest you shower and shave (before you see any girl, never mind a Goddess) and don’t be afraid to book a session it really is an experience unexplainable. Impossible to explain how useless and humiliated I was and it just seemed so right. Goddess didn’t let me ejaculate and gave me homework to do and once I do the homework I must confirm for permission to finally ejaculate which left me very aroused for the whole train ride home, humiliation even when away from Goddess I thought to myself yet again “She truly is that good”

sub ed

I have been serving Goddess Gia for some time as one of Her sissies, and would like to offer my views on this remarkable Dominant Woman.. I had been seeing a very wonderful NYC Mistress for a good while and She then relocated to another part of the country. After an interval, I decided to call on Manhattan’s own Goddess Gia Peccato.

My initial phone conversation with Goddess Gia proved to be quite lengthy and very informative. Goddess asked me pertinent questions about what type of submissive I professed to be and inquired as to any and all limitations. However, she also inquired about my personal views regarding D/s relationships, and asked for a brief synopsis of my experience in the life, and even what my aspirations were as a submissive individual. The conversation was almost like a session in itself! Needless to say. we arranged a time to meet and I have been with her ever since.

In the flesh, Goddess Gia is a diminutive and graceful young Woman, darkly complected, with sensuous lips, striking facial features, and large, knowing eyes. Goddess sees her slaves in an apartment in midtown Manhattan which is not a dungeon but more like a play space. I have been quite fortunate in that my job meanderings take me frequently by Goddess Gia’s play space. Since for the most part I pretty much create my own working hours, I have been able to serve Goddess in other ways besides traditional sessioning. For example, Goddess may contact me with orders to bring her lunch or dinner from a local establishment, do her laundry if I have time, or do a quick clean-up of Her apartment. Of course i have been thrilled beyond words to accommodate Goddess in this manner.

All of my meetings and sessions with Goddess have been memorable. For example, for one particular rendezvous, Goddess Gia , instructed me to practice and perform a slutty “song and dance” routine while dressed in my best sissy finery. Duing my performance, Goddess sat back in Her comfy chair and munched on a platter of fresh vegan sushi (which I of course provided from her favorite restaurant), and watched my lengthy routine in obvious glee. Goddess Gia clapped and commented throughout. Well, later as I was preparing to leave and had put on most of my street clothes over my lingerie, goddess suddenly said that she just HAD to see more dancing  and so ordered me to strip and entertain Her for another 30 minutes!

At another session, as I was trying to entertain Goddess by, among other things, demonstrating my oral skills on a large dildo, Goddess smiled and asked me if I had some time to spare, to which i replied in the affirmative.

Goddess then informed me that it always pleased her to dominate two slaves at once and that is exactly what she intended to do. By and by another of Her slaves arrived. It was then that I witnessed the cruel side of Goddess, as this sub was soundly beaten and  abused. It was quite a scene, with yours truly prancing about and doing my sissy duties while at the same time the other sub was being physically tortured. The dual session culminated with Goddess piercing the slaves nipples with needles. As she moved the needles back and forth through his tender skin, she had him straddle my own prone body and jerk himself off into MY panties! Goddess then made me pull the cum filled panties over my own genitalia. I then had to dress and travel home in that manner!

In the larger picture, I, as Goddess Gia’s property, have been strictly forbidden masturbation privileges, and I have not ejaculated since I have been serving her. I must always wear panties and stockings under my street clothes, and i must be forever ready to send Goddess a cell phone photo of my sissy attire whenever she texts me that command. I have been used as Her toilet, spittoon, sink (for brushing Her teeth), and have been allowed to drink Her bathwater., .

For any potential slaves who may be thinking of serving Goddess Gia, I would like to say that in my opinion, you will not so much choose Her for a Mistress as She will choose you as a slave.
sissy coraline

A week back I visited Goddess Gia’s kingdom for my third session. By now I am completely in control of her domination.
As she knows my interests are in foot worship, humiliation and mild punishment, she decided to increase the intensity this time and loved every second of it.

As soon as I entered, I was ordered to kiss her boots. While I kneeled down and started kissing her right boot, she took her left leg and crushed on my back. After initial salutations to goddess, she asked me to undress and kneel down. She came close to me, slowly moving her hand across my face, and suddenly slapped across my face and spat on my face and laughing at me. Just made me realize my place in front of her. She then ordered me to clean her boots, all the while crushing my body, hands, and back with her heels.

As I was not doing the job up to her expectations, she decided to cane. It was my first time, and she made sure I wont repeat my mediocre performance, while cleaning her boots. She turned my ass into red.

The best part of session with Goddess Gia, there will never be a dull moment. There will always be a sudden unexpected slap across the face or spit on the face. She always keeps me on the edge. When she sees my cock is hard, she crushes it with her boots and making me lick the pre-cum from the underneath her boots.

All in all I would say this is the best of the three sessions I had with Goddess Gia. Goddess was gracious enough to let me clean her place. I can not wait for the forth session and be treated like a bitch again.

sub nisa

i have to try to articulate my thoughts.  Goddess,  im sure You know You represent something very rare in this venue.  You are positive in Your approach to training a sub/slave.  You provide positive encouragement, while still expecting obedience.  i am so, so impressed with You and consider myself fortunate to have You in my life.  i am so looking forward to kneeling before You again.

slave lm