Each of MY sessions are a unique work of art and are not scripted, written down, etc. They are a blending of MY mood, MY feelings, and O/our pre-session interactions. I treat each slave the way I feel is best for your individual training / fetish / position.

I enjoy ALL of the methods listed below, but MY interests are quite varied. Do not be afraid to raise a particular fetish or fantasy with Me, as long as it is within strict legal bounds and treats Me with the proper respect. In other words, “Use your head, my little minion!” Sometimes the best risk is the one W/we fear facing most!

I am in love with sadism, however, do not be discouraged if you are not a pain slut, toilet, etc. as I love training slaves with different experience levels, fetishes, and comfort levels as long as you are respectful and sincere. I hate men who stroll through the door trying to play games. I can tell if your submission is or isn’t innate.

I also enjoy role play scenarios that can explore your submissive core and MY need to dominate. As these are too extensive to list, you may inquire when first contacting Me.

Some activities Goddess enjoys:

CBT (love, love, love)

Chastity (a MUST for MY serious slaves)

Corporal Punishment (I REALLY get into it!)

Cross-dressing / Sissy Maids (one of MY favorites)

Flogging (can make Me wet with the right slave)

Foot Worship (a must in every session)

Forced-Bi (I love it!)

Forced Feminization (your humiliation titillates Me)

Golden Champagne (the drink of choice in MY stable)

Human Ashtray (put your mouth so I don’t have to reach even an inch)

Piercing (your moans are music to MY ears)

Public Humiliation (if you dare)

SCAT / Brown Caviar (pure Vegan delight!)

Slave Training (obedience to MY every word is a requirement)

Spitting (what an honor to intake something of Mine)

Tease & Denial (a tribute to Female Supremacy)

Verbal (I’ll go deep into your fragile male psyche)

ADORE being a sadist and a humiliatrix. I LOVE subduing the mind, the body, the senses – you in your entirety. I have equipment available for corporal punishment, certain forms of medical play, leather bondage, leather fetish, potty training, electro play, cbt, cross-dressing, worship fetishes (heels, socks, gloves, sneakers, boots of various lengths, heel height, etc.), public play (masks, leashes, collars, etc.). Please feel free to bring your own toys if you have any.

Regardless of what methods are employed, know that every session will be a beautiful tableau of pain, humiliation, submission and worship (yours) and domination, pleasure, control and power (MINE).

But, for a true submissive, you will find fulfillment as you never dreamed that you could!

Begin your journey NOW!


First and foremost, you will ALWAYS address me RESPECTFULLYGoddess and Miss are acceptable.

Call and ask if I need anything before serving.

When you enter MY space, you are to remove your shoes, get on your knees and wait for further orders.

I used to believe that submissive men were competent enough to realize that common courtesy is a must. However, there are a few mindless baboons that forget the fact that SUBMITTING IS AN ART JUST AS MUCH AS DOMINATING IS!