Why? Because secrets are fun

I truly love secrets. One of the beautiful things about BDSM is that I have more knowledge of who you are as a person than you might imagine. In fact, one of the additional things that are added to My role as Domina and Goddess is My role as a professional secret keeper. I have something most of you lack, yet seek—I have access to people’s truths, who they are and who they aren’t. There is so much power in knowing you. It’ even more enchanting when you realize secrets are safe with Me. Inhibition is not My psychologic cup of tea. you are here, somewhere inside your mind, you wish that it wasn’t yours either.

I want a secret from you. I give you an open invitation to share a tiny secret with Me.

Communication is a beautiful thing, sharing a bit of intimacy by having you share a secret in the process is priceless. If you want to share it on your knees, apply to do so here by setting up a session.

you can either leave it in the comments or share via Twitter @GiaPeccato.


*Respect is expected at all times, no dickpics—I don’t need to be reminded as to why you’re inferior, W/we both already know it. The best secret will receive a response from Me. 


Ps. Lucky, you, have begun selling clips on Iwantclips and GetIndieBill. I am also now accepting skype shows.

Content is going up slowly as I am about to start exams.